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How do I begin to consider a condo?

When you start working with a member of the TW Homes, Inc Team, you can be assured you’ll be given guidance and patience as you begin to consider this new lifestyle.

The office team is highly qualified to answer questions about the floor plans, covenants and building process. Very often, clients will attend open houses or stop by the office during the day to learn more about the product.

As a client arrives at the decision to move forward, our experts will consult on which floor plan meets their lifestyle and budget. The team can discuss how the client is be able to customize a floor plan and which location best meets their needs. This communication is the most important part of the relationship between the TW Homes, Inc team and the respected client. The team is sensitive to the requests of the client, mindful of particular needs such as a home that is accessible without stairs, has wider doorways or a floor plan that has a walk-out lower level.

As the client’s needs have been narrowed down, a floor plan and location are identified, a purchase contract will be prepared and the team can then begin to refine the exact details of the build. The client is provided with clear, detailed pricing that allows them to reflect on their budget and refine their selections.


After a floor plan has been fully developed and approved, excavation will start and the process of making interior selections will begin. The standard product list is developed with high quality, durable products that are suitable, even at their base selection.

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If a buyer chooses to consider an upgrade, a detailed price list will be provided for their consideration. Once interior selections have been identified, orders are placed and the TW Homes, Inc team is put into action to complete the custom condominium for yet another buyer.

What do I need to know about a condo lifestyle?

If you are considering the option of living in a condo, we are happy to answer questions, provide guidance and offer thoughts about this lifestyle transition. The following points may help answer questions or spur conversations as you consider this decision.

How is a condo different than my house?

  • If you are currently living in a traditional single-family home, a condo is different because you have common ownership with those who also reside in the association. In a condo association, you have a fractional ownership in the common areas, yards, sidewalks, etc. These areas are managed by your association (snow removal, lawn mowing, fertilization)
  • You are responsible for the internal parts of your condo, those areas that only serve you. The association is responsible for the exterior of the building, the siding, roof, exterior and common walls.
  • There are association dues that are collected on a monthly basis that pay for the master insurance policy, mowing, fertilization and snow management.
  • The association funds are monitored with separate accounting and those managing are bonded and insured. Reserve accounts are accumulated as the association grows.
  • There are covenants that provide the rules for the neighborhood. These will guide the expectations of the owners. There will be a board in place, typically comprised of your neighbors, that will enforce these rules.
  • You can leave for extended periods of time and have the yard and snow maintenance managed for you without worry. This is what your dues are intended to cover.
  • You can have pets with respect to the covenants that set guidelines for the neighborhood.
  • You can request consideration from the board with regards to the covenant guidelines if you have a particular request such as additional plantings, a vinyl privacy panel, a gated patio area, etc.

Trusted Vendors

Our vendors are local and have independently earned a solid reputation for themselves. Our team has cooperated on hundreds of projects over the years and work together seamlessly as they help to build your home.


Feel free to set an appointment to learn more about our company, our neighborhoods, and our floor plans.