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Emerging Neighborhoods

Bellwood Meadow Estates
Between 33rd Ave and Highway 30

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Established Neighborhoods

Emerald Ridge Condominium Development
Broderick Dr. NE, Cedar Rapids

  1. Kreb’s Condominium Association
    Rosehill Drive SW, Cedar Rapids
  2. Zero Lot Line Homes
    Blackberry Circle SW, Cedar Rapids
  1. Royal Heights II
    Queen Drive SW (4 units)
  2. Pine Ridge Condominiums
    37th Avenue SW (113 units)
  3. Pine Ridge West Condominiums
    Banar & Badger Drive (70 units)
  4. Pine Ridge North Condominiums
    Samuel Court & 31st Avenue (72 units)
  5. Banar Addition
    Singe Family Homes
  6. Riviera Condominiums
    Singe Family Homes
  7. Riviera Condominiums
    Corner of Breyer St and 31st Ave SW

Pebblebrook Condominiums
Grand Avenue Court, Marion

  1. Prairie Meadows Condominiums
    49th Street, Marion (63 units)
  2. Prairie Meadows Addition to Marion
    Single Family Homes
  1. Prairie Bend Condominiums
    Prairie Bend Circle, Marion (102 units)
  2. Meadows at Prairie Bend Condominiums
    Laurel Lane, Marion (33 units)
  3. English Glen Addition to Marion
    Single Family Homes
  4. Prairie Bend Addition to Marion
    Single Family Homes
  5. The Villas at Prairie Knolls
    At the corner of 35th Ave and 35th St
  6. Gemstone Estates
    On the corner of Lucore and Gemstone

Winslow Heights Condominiums
Marion (8 units)